CES: Ten Product Picks for 2016

Channel EMEA

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 11 January 2016

We survived last week’s CES 2016 In Las Vegas (just). The Channel EMEA team covered many miles and saw a vast array of new and innovative products and technologies. As always, the big challenge at any trade show is identifying the products that will make the grade and are capable of making a real market impact. So, here’s our rundown of ten companies to watch in 2016. (If none of them make it big, we will remove this article in the summer and no one will be any the wiser)

9) Orfeo Sound – listen up people

Orfeo is a pioneer of noise-blocking Bluetooth headsets. Regular Bluetooth earphones have one major problem: when it gets a little bit loud, you can no longer talk on the phone. When you speak with your ears plugged you can still hear your voice. That’s because voice not only goes out of your mouth but also travels internally through the Eustachian Tube. Orfeo placed a microphone inside the earphones to catch the voice traveling through the Eustachian Tube. Then, outside noises are physically blocked off (due to the physical shape of in-ear earphones) and only human voice goes through the mic. Does it work? Yes.

Link: http://www.channelemea.com/spip.php?article37611