The Orfeo Voice Headphones Will Be Unveiled at CES 2016

Published: Jan 5, 2016 • References: orfeosound & orfeosound
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Orfeo Voice is a Bluetooth earphone that addresses the fact that it is extremely difficult to have a normal conversation in a loud environment. Typically, the use of monotype Bluetooth earphones is impossible when passing by construction sites, trade shows or even a loud intersection.

In order to improve upon the failings of other devices, the Orfeo Voice Bluetooth headphones are loaded with features like InnerMic Technology to block out interfering sounds, VoiceRecovery to make voices sound natural and SountThru, which makes it possible for users to hear oncoming traffic and bicyclists while these earphones are in use. In addition to these technologies, the headphones also feature an Accudio Simulation Mode and Loudspeaker, which further enhance the listening experience.

As a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree, Orfeo SoundWorks will be exhibiting its innovative communication solutions in Las Vegas.