Accudio™ Concepts

Accudio™ magically transforms mediocre sound from even cheap earphones and
headphones into incredible Hi-Fi sound from luxury brands.

Audio Accessories:
the primary culprit behind sound distortion

Electronic components, such as smartphones and DAC, exhibit relatively small distortion ratio (+- 1dB), whereas those transducers such as earphones, headphones
and loudspeakers that transform electrical signals to acoustic signals exhibit much greater distortion ratio (+- 20dB).

The foregoing explains why sound quality varies most conspicuously according to which headphones,
earphones or loudspeakers compressed audio pipes through.

When music is recorded in a recording room, it comes out as a balanced, linear sound (left).
This is the original sound of the music. However, when you listen to music using an audio device,
each device has unique set of distortions that interferes with the original sound.

The aim and function of Accudio™ is to let you enjoy the Hi-Fi sound or signature sound from
top-of-the-line audio brands through a cheap and affordable headphones or earphones.
To this end, we scientifically measure sound quality of each particular model and fix its audio problems on behalf of general users.

True Hi-Fi Mode 

Accudio™’s unique, unrivaled Reference Emulator(True Hi-Fi mode) dramatically improves sound quality of low-quality
earbuds up to par with Hi-Fi sound.

All you provide is the brand and the model of the device that you are using, and Accudio™ will automatically compensate
the distortions in your earphone and produce the true sound into your ears, practically saving you the cost of an expensive upgrade.

AccudioTM Solutions

AccudioTM creates incredible audio experiences across any generic headphones or earphones

AccudioTM True HiFi

Experiencing the delicate elements of original sound produced in music studio

AccudioTM converts the sound from your current earphones/headphones to near perfect Hi-Fi sound using the optimized settings based on
the data acquired using high precision measuring equipment.

AccudioTM High-end Simulation

Enjoying sound quality from top-of-the-line brands over any
generic earphones or headphones

Different signature sounds from high-end audio brands can be effective in addressing different needs and tastes and preferences of listeners.
By selecting the model of the audio device that you would like to listen to, AccudioTM will allow you to listen to the sound of any headphones or earphones.

AccudioTM 3D Sound

Virtualizing immersive surround sound experience over any regular headphones or earphones

Conventional headphones and simple 3D sound processing algorithms hamper your having the feeling of sound in 3D space.
However, AccudioTM 3D sound solution solves this problem by accurately simulating sound sources in 3D space based on user’s actions.

AccudioTM Custom Sound

Customizing all the settings to your preferences

You may not completely satisfied with the suggested settings provided by experts from Orfeo SoundWorks.
With AccudioTM’s unique EQ, sound customization is at your fingertips.