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Why Partnership?

The next-stage of smart device paradigm is to be driven by smart and enriched audio experiences matched
with exponentially evolving multimedia experiences. If your smart devices or consoles get armed with disruptive
characteristics of Accudio™ solutions delivering audio-gear-agnostic integral multimedia capability, it will act as a powerful differentiator.

The purely software-based Accudio™ solutions are also applicable for music & movie player applications
and multimedia streaming services as a plug-in app and by remotely interacting with our profile database.

Live Demo Response

We performed live demonstration for Accudio™ solutions in Mobile World Congress (MWC) Spain and MWC Shanghai.
About 1,000 people participated in our live demos and  below are participant response ratios.

MWC Live Demo Response Ratio
(1,000 participants)

Public Survey

People were asked on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being
“will be extremely satisfied, ”
whether they will be satisfied or indifferent
if higher sound quality comes out
from the mobile phone. The average score came out to be “7.23”

Again, people were asked similarly whether they will be satisfied or
indifferent if higher sound quality comes out from streaming music.
The average score came out to be “6.61.”
And among people who use streaming services,
an average score was found to be “6.97”

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