Orfeo SoundWorks

Orfeo SoundWork is an engineering-driven research and development company found in 2015.
Our company has been dedicating not only to providing us with affordable and B2B audio solutions
but also to presenting new technologies to the earbud market.

Our Vision

The importance of audio quality is slightly more essential than vistual quality.
Orfeo SoundWorks wants to provide the best audio quality and communication experience.

Who We Are

We are a group of engineers who participated in many government projects regarding sound quality tests.
We specialize in developing audio solutions and testing audio accessories.
With our knowledge and skills, the group of experts started the company called Orfeo SoundWorks and developed
inner-mic earbuds that can completely block off the ambient noises for improving your listening experiences .



Room response research
Development of standardized test
of audio accessories
Objective sound evaluation for global mobile,
TV, audio accessory companies


 Software Development


– First Prototype
– Established Orfeo SoundWorks


– CES (January)
– CES Innovation Award Honoree (Headphone Part)
– Product Stabilization, Quality Control/ Samples (April)


– NAVER LINE Series A Funds


– 2018 CES Best of Innovation Award


– Start ACCUDIO Button Project (January)
– Exhibit at TechCruch Disrupt 2019
– Launch ACCUDIO Button On Indiegogo


– CES 2020 (January)
– Mass Production Starts