Orfeo Sports-Series

The Sports-series are light, comfortable, and stylish. Let no wires distract you.
Maximize your workout with Orfeo sports earphones

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Noise-Free Phone
Conversation for Workout

When you are running on the streets with high traffic noise, or when you are working out in the gym with
the music blasting in the background, you can’t have a phone conversation on the spot. Using InnerMicTM Technology,
Orfeo Sports-series allows you to have a clear phone conversation during your workout.
No longer do you need to go outside of the gym or yell into the microphone.

Wind Noise Uncreated
in the First Place

Riding a bike or running with regular earphones create wind noises.
InnerMicTM Technology prevents any wind noises from occuring.
You can run or bike as hard as you can.
Yet, it is only your voice that gets delivered to the opposite party.

Not Compromising
on Hi-Fi Sound

Communication is not the only thing we emphasize.
Orfeo Sport-series supports Hi-Fi sound, the original production sound.
Do not be held down by the wires and let the Hi-Fi sound of music guide your workout.