Orfeo Neckband-Series

The Neckband-series earphones are user-friendly and fashionable.
You can always carry them around wherever you go. There is no limit in what you can do.

Orfeo Infinite


Talk to Anyone,
Anywhere, Any Time

You are no longer bounded by the ‘right’ places for communication.
Make phone calls wherever and whenever.
Empowered by InnerMicTM Technology, Neckband earphones allow phone conversation in
loud places such as rock concerts, trade shows, and even clubs becomes possible.

Your Best Friend:
Comfortable and Reliable

The neckband-series earphones can stay with you.
That means you do not need to take off the earphones and put it on. They just become part of you.
With the Neckband-series you can have an easy access to phone conversation and music.
All you have to do is plug in and out the earphones. Simple as that.

Enhancing Safety with
Supplementary Outer-Mic

Plugged in and walking across the street is quite dangerous.
You might feel like you are in a whole different world but in reality car is coming at you 45 mph.
Our SoundThruTM Technology allows outside sound at your choice.
All you have to do is simply turn on the outer-mic through Orfeo Control App.
If you need to make a phone call, just turn it off again.