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Our Value

The world is full of sound and, sometimes, it can be hard for your voice to be heard and hard for you to hear others.
Fortunately, ORFEO has created headphone products designed specifically to improve your ability to communicate.
When speaking to or through your phone, ORFEO eliminates all the noise around you, delivering only your words.
Combine this voice protection with the most pristine, hi-fidelity audio and you have the only headphones you’ll ever need.

With ORFEO, speak and listen like never before.

Speak and Listen Like Never Before

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ORFEO Bluetooth Earphones

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Core Technology

InnerMicTM Technology

When you speak with your ears plugged you can still hear your voice.
That’s because voice not only goes out of your mouth but also travels internally through Eustachian Tube.
Using this idea, we placed a microphone inside the earphones to catch the voice traveling through Eustachian Tube.
Then, outside noises are physically blocked off (due to the physical shape of in-ear earphones) and only human voice goes through the mic.


Using InnerMicTM alone or even regular earphones have one significant problem: User’s voice gets thickened or distorted.
This problem occurs because voice that travels through Eustachian Tube projects up to 2 kHz in frequency.
Although people can still hear you, voice comes out muffled. To solve this problem, Orfeo SoundWorks his finished developing VoiceRecoveryTM Technology.
Using this technology we extend the bandwidth of voice frequency.
Furthermore, VoiceRecoveryTM touches upon the input voice so that it comes out as your original voice.

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AccudioTM :
Sound Improvement

The most accurate audio technology AccudioTM allows reproduction of near-perfect Hi-Fi sound.
Also, AccudioTM can simulate sounds of over 1,000 models of headphones and earphones.

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Who We Are :

Orfeo SoundWorks is an engineering-driven research & development company founded
in 2015 to enhance the listening experience for everyone in the globe.
Our business domain splits into noise-blocking Bluetooth earphones and B2B audio solutions.

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