Orfeo SoundWorks:

The World’s Best Audio Signal Processing Solution Provider Orfeo SoundWorks is more than a Bluetooth earphone company.
We develop and provide solutions to different types of business to maximize the user experience,.

AccudioTM : Above and Beyond EQ

Orfeo SoundWorks successfully developed AccudioTM, a software that provides a high-end sound quality when even regular earphones are used.

Enjoy max sound performance tailored
for your own audio gear

Catering to personal musical taste
with pro-grade equalizer

Enjoy/experience switching
across luxury brands

AccudioTM :
Sound Improvement

The most accurate audio technology AccudioTM allows reproduction of near-perfect Hi-Fi sound.
Also, AccudioTM can simulate sounds of over 1,000 models of headphones and earphones.

Why AccudioTM?

Have you ever hesitated to purchase certain headphones or earphones of your style because of the price tag?
Are you using cheap headphones and missing out on high quality sound?
Have you ever wished to combine the hardware design of a certain headphone model with the sonic performance and acoustic characteristics of a different model? We can solve your problems with Accudio™ Simply select the model of high price headphones that you would like to experience.

“Dont dream it. Make it real with AccudioTM!”

AccudioTM’s real-time preview graphs along with the rich list of features and professional fine-tuning parameters are all at your fingertips.
Here is how it works:

The Most
Accurate and
Largest Sound
Profile Database
in the World

Since having started the business of scientifically measuring the sound
characteristics of audio devices, our team has been collecting the most
accurate database for more than 1,000 best-selling models of earphones
and headphones (as of 2016-Q1), more than any other related
companies and services worldwide.