From agriculture to marriage counseling, entrepreneurs from all over the world competed for prizes, attention and investments in their bids to topple tradition using technology

Published October 4 2019. Updated on October 5, 2019 at 4:09



Still, other startups aim to address the everyday gripes of consumers — like the perennial problem of making phone calls in noisy places. A bustling conference floor is the perfect place to show off Accudio’s noise-canceling earbuds, which not only eliminate noise from music, but from your voice as you speak to someone on the phone.

The earbuds also take a stab at another common tech conference problem: the language barrier. Like Google’s Pixel Buds, they can translate spoken words among numerous languages on the fly when used with an internet-connected smartphone. But while Pixel Buds have a cable connecting the left and right earphones, Accudio’s are wire-free — meaning two people can each take one earbud and have a nearly-natural spoken conversation.


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