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One of our business includes evaluating various audio products ranging from earphones, headphones, loudspeakers, smartphones, MP3 players, sound cards, and DAC, by measuring sound quality of these devices using the state-of-the-art measuring equipment. Based on the measured data, full assessments are performed and offered to our clients, which includes a number of global leaders in audio products. A full range of product consultation is also available for those with specific needs.


Brüel & Kjær Head and Torso Simulator

[The most effective way to enhance sound quality]

Sound from your music files are reproduced through a series of connected components. Electronic components working purely on electrical signals such as smartphones, sound cards, and DAC exhibit relatively small distortion ratio (+- 1dB) whereas those transducers that transform electrical signals to acoustic signals such as earphones, headphones, and loudspeakers exhibit much greater distortion ratio (+- 20dB).


Distortion ratio for each component (compared with frequency response data only)

For this reason, the most effective way to enhance sound quality is to invest in acoustic devices such as earphones, headphones, and loudspeakers where you can reap the most benefits.

[Ideal vs. Reality]

For those wanting to enjoy hi-fi sound, the hi-fi earphones/headphones are generally quite expensive, ranging anywhere from $500 to $2,000.


beyerdynamic T1, excellent performance but very high price too.


How do you enjoy hi-fi sound with fairly inexpensive earphones/headphones under $20? By generating compensating signals using a parametric equalizer according to the frequency response of the earphone/headphone, the sound that reaches human ears will be near perfect hi-fi sound.


Conceptual picture for sound compensation.

Because using professional measuring equipment to determine the characteristics of the product and determining the best possible solution based on the gathered data require thorough knowledge and expertise in acoustics and electronics, we created Accudio™ which lets you playback your music in near perfect hi-fi sound without any hassle. All you provide is the brand and the model, and your earphone/headphone will start delivering near perfect hi-fi sound to your ears.


How Accudio™ works.

In this way, you can boost the performance of your earphones very easily. You just select company name and model name of your earphones in Accudio™ .


Accudio™ Splash Screen

Accudio™, the most convenient and cost effective way to enjoy hi-fi sound.