Accudio™ converts mediocre sound from your current earphone/headphone to near perfect hi-fi sound by,

1) accurately measuring various characteristics of your earphone/headphone,
2) performing full analysis on the measured data, and
3) determining the optimum settings for your earphone/headphone

Golden Ears expert make optimized settings for each earphones and headphones according to the sequence below.

1. Measuring the data of earphones and headphones.

Orfeo SoundWorks measures earphones and headphones using professional measuring equipment to determine the characteristics of the product and determining the best possible solution based on the gathered data require thorough knowledge and expertise in acoustics and electronics.


This kind of deep (due to comb filter effect) is not compensable.





deep insertion, medium insertion, shallow insertion
Settings for compensation must be made properly




2. Simulation Program for accurate compensation

Our simulation program load measured data of earphones and headphones. And it shows frequency response graph. And it calculates the final response of actual data and settings. Expert at Orfeo SoundWorks can make optimized settings for each product through this program.


Original response and Simulated (= original response + settings response) response

3. Double checking with actual equipment


Orfeo SoundWorks double check actual data with our test equipment. And if there is a gap between simulation and actual, we tuned our settings according to actual data.


Measured data.