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Our Value

We live in a world full of sounds and noises. Sometimes, it can be hard for us to listen and deliver our messages to others.
Fortunately, ORFEO SoundWorks has created Accudio BUTTON designed specifically to improve the ability to communicate in noisy environments.
ACCUDIO BUTTON eliminates all the background noises, and it helps us deliver our messages clearly while speaking on the phone.
Using our Inner-mic technology with the most pristine and hi-fidelity audio system, Accudio BUTTON presents an amazing TWS earbuds experience to us.

With ACCUDIO BUTTON, speak and listen like never before.

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InnerMicTM Technology

Our voice not only goes out of your mouth but also travels internally through Eustachian Tube.
Using this concept, we placed a microphone inside ACCUDIO BUTTON to pick up the voice traveling through Eustachian Tube. Thanks to the Inner-mic technology, background noises are physically blocked off, and the mic inside of the earbuds only picks up our voices.


Using InnerMicTM alone or regular earphones has one significant problem: User’s voice gets distorted.
This problem occurs when the voice travels through the Eustachian Tube projected up to 2 kHz in frequency.
Although people can still hear you, the voice comes out muffled. To solve this problem, Orfeo SoundWorks has finished developing VoiceRecoveryTM Technology.
Using this technology, we adjust the bandwidth of voice frequency, so this technology helps maintain our original voices when we talk through our earbuds.

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Who We Are :

Orfeo SoundWork is an engineering driven research and development company found in 2015.
Our company has been dedicating not only to providing us with affordable and B2B audio solutions
but also to presenting new technologies to the earbud market.

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